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This game was amazing. I can't wait for the sequel.

That was fun, and it had much more content than the first game. I had to do a lot of Googling to get some answers. I found a glitch with the clear 45 levels medal where I got it after clearing 44 levels. Also, I like the music change with the last five levels that I'm currently stuck on. PM me the answers? Multiple choice does sound fun, by the way.

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The tutorials were great though I've seem them before. The Play button is a nice addition to the Mute button. Can you provide a hint for the tutorials?

Fun and challenging, but it feels like there needs to be something more. Plot, music, or something else would be nice.

Too easy, though there was one error. Despite popular belief, Mario's last name is not Mario. This was confirmed by Nintendo who stated while they aren't going to reveal Mario's full name, it is indeed NOT "Mario Mario". Unless you consider the movie canon (which Nintendo Magazine describes as, "Yeah, it happened. Let's never mention it again."), there's no true confirmation that Mario's last name is Mario.

It's okay, but one of the levels was severely glitched. Half the platforms didn't work.
Also, the jumping was annoying. It's annoying that I have to slam down on my Up-key and hold it down for an unpleasant amount of time to make a basic jump. This is okay for a distant jump, but it's just annoying if I have to do this for practically every platform.

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It's decent, I guess, but not exactly something I would want to play beyond the killing Carl. The main problem is that there's a lack of instructions. This simple concept, which would've taken seconds to write out in-game on under Author Comments, would've won you an addition star or star and a half from me. I am beyond lost.

And in response, don't just say "Not my fault you retard. it works for me. maybe yopur one of the retards in the game?" like you did previously. Your top priority as a developer (if you choose to pursue a job in this industry in the future) is to entertain your patrons. There is no value in playing this game for me or any other "retard" user who doesn't understand what to do before clicking blindly across the screen.

A quick recommendation: instead of finding images on the Internet and poorly trimming them, try drawing over them with the line tool. It's easy to do for beginners to Flash and makes it look a lot better. Also avoid gradient coloring. It just looks bad. Stick to one to three shades for each color to make a cell-shading effect.

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Feels unoriginal as if I've seen a game like this before. I could get past the "She helped me get to new places" levels. Whenever I touch the goal, nothing happens. And from the name "Broken Heart", the last medal gave me a pretty good idea what you based this game on.

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It was fun, but at the same time it was a bit too easy. Still, I was surprised by some of the information and I had too Google some of it.

The game could've been better though, such as better backgrounds.

8-Bit Skyrim! That sounded amazing.
I had fun collecting all the endings.
This is amazing for a first game. The artwork is well done but can be a bit erratic as in some parts look perfect while other parts look rushed.

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